Wounds Special Interest Group

Top 10 research priorities

1. How can patient involvement in the decisions about their wounds be improved?

2. How can healing of open wounds be accelerated?

3. How can quality of life be improved in patients with open wounds?

4. How can wound care be personalised to meet patient circumstances or needs?

5. Which service configuration is associated with the best outcomes in wound patients?

6. How can communication between clinicians in wound care services be improved?

7. How can consistency in assessment, diagnosis, and management in patients with wounds be improved?

8. How can wounds be prevented from becoming infected?

9. How can wound healing be optimised in vascular patients?

10. How can communication be improved with patients with wounds?


The process of developing these 10 reserch priorities is outlined in an open-access peer reviewed paper published in the Journal of the Vascular Societies of Great Britain and Ireland:

Long J, Lathan R, Sidapra M, Gronlund T, Chetter IC, on behalf of the Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland Wounds Special Interest Group. Research priorities for vascular wounds: results of the Vascular Society GBI/James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Process. J.Vasc.Soc.G.B.Irel. 2022;1(4):110-116. http://doi.org/10.54522/jvsgbi.2022.027

SIG Chair

Ian Chetter – Consultant Vascular Surgeon

SIG Members

Steve Dixon – Patient Representative
Catherine Arundel – Trial Manager YTU
Ross Lathan – Clinical Research Fellow
Heidi Sandoz – TVN  Jeannie Donnelly – TVN
Sarah Onida – NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Vascular Surgery

New investigators

Louise Hitchman

Projects supported


If you have an interest in the top 10 Wounds priorities, you can contact the Wounds SIG via Judith Long (judith.long3@nhs.net).