Vascular Access special Interest Group

Top 10 research priorities

1. What can be done to make fistulas or grafts last as long as possible?

2. What staff education is needed to help them understand the experience of patients living with a dialysis line, graft or fistula?

3. What education do patients need to be given about living with and looking after  dialysis line, graft or fistula and the effect this may have on their quality of life?

4. What can be done to avoid narrow segments from forming in fistulas or grafts?

5. Is a fistula always the best option for all patients who need dialysis, regardless of age?

6. What do patients need to know about the risk of having many procedures to place new fistulas, grafts and dialysis lines and the possibility of damage to the blood circulation system?

7. What features of a fistula or graft make it better or worse at providing dialysis?

8. What can be done to prevent fistulas becoming enlarged or at risk of a serious bleed?

9. What can be done to make needling of grafts and fistulas more accurate to lower the risk of problems?

10. What can be done to prevent infections related to dialysis lines?


The process of developing these 10 reserch priorities is outlined in an open-access peer reviewed paper published in the Journal of the Vascular Societies of Great Britain and Ireland:

De Siqueira JR, Fielding CA, Pettigrew GJ, Robson MG, Rogers SK, Steiner K, Withers W, Long J, Gronlund T, Chetter I, Smith GE on behalf of the VSGBI Vascular Access Special Interest Group/James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership. Defining priorities in vascular access research. J.Vasc.Soc.G.B.Irel. 2022;1(2):30-33.

SIG Chair

George Smith – Consultant Vascular Surgeon

SIG Members

Jon De Siqueira – Trainee Vascular Surgeon
Gavin Pettigrew – Transplant Surgeon
Steve Roger – Vascular Scientist
William Withers – Lived experience
Katie Fielding – Renal Nursing
Kate Steiner – Interventional Radiologist
Mike Robson – Nephrologist

New investigators

None to date

Projects supported



If you have an interest in the top 10 Vascular Access priorities, you can contact the Access SIG via J.R. DeSiqueira (