Diagnosis of OsteoMyelitis: INvestigation Optimisation in Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DOMINO-DFU)

UK-only, Multi-centre
Primary Investigator: David Russell
Funding: NIHR
Sponsor: University of Leeds
Start date: 01/09/2020
End date: 01/09/2025

This study is looking at the best way to diagnose osteomyelitis (bone infection) in diabetic ulcers and will be recruiting patients in 3 phases over three years starting in Spring 2021. All patients attending diabetic foot clinics with ulcers in 3-4 recruiting centres will be recruited, with minimal data collection over one year for most people. For those people who develop high-risk features suggestive of bone infection (e.g. bone at the base of the wound) we will be asking for some more detailed follow-up from medical records and at usual clinic appointments, and offering the option of completing some additional questionnaires. For these high-risk people in phase 2 of the study an extra bone sample will be taken.
Recruitment is expected to continue until late 2024.

Contact: domino-dfu@leeds.ac.uk