Special Interest Groups

The Vascular Special Interest Groups (SIGs) were established by the Research committee of the Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland and are categorised by an overarching vascular condition. Their initial role was to oversee the development of research priorities for that condition as part of the James Lind Alliance Vascular Priority Setting Partnership (PSP). This resulted in a ranked list of the top 10 most important research priorities for each Special Interest Group area.

Since then, the SIGs have been responsible for developing a portfolio of subspeciality studies to address these research priorities. Each SIG has representation from vascular surgeons, nurses, radiologists, technologists, physiotherapists, trainees, patients, and other affiliated groups. The SIGs have a wealth of experience within their group memberships and are keen to work with others who might be interested in pursuing any of these priorities. Anyone interested is encouraged to get in touch.

The research priorities and more information about each SIG can be found below.