Aortic Special Interest Group

Top 10 Research Priorities

1. What is the optimal management of patients with aortic aneurysm disease using individualised risk benefit ratios?

2. What causes aneurysms to grow and/or rupture?

3. Can we develop a test that could diagnose patients at risk of aortic aneurysm/dissection?

4. How do surgeons decide which treatment is best for aneurysms and are these decisions based on the latest evidence available?

5. What is the optimum medical therapy for patients with AAA to minimise expansion/rupture?

6. What causes an aneurysm or is associated with aneurysm formation and how can we prevent one developing?

7. What is the best way to monitor people after treatments to repair aneurysms to make sure they don’t develop problems with their repair?

8. How do we make aneurysm surgery safer and reduce the risk of complications?

9. How do we reduce the time it takes to recover from aortic operations?

10. Should siblings be screened for AAA when there is a family history of aneurysm?


The process of developing these 10 reserch priorities is outlined in an open-access peer reviewed paper published in the Journal of the Vascular Societies of Great Britain and Ireland:

Lawson JA, Bown MJ, Bicknell CD, Long J, Gronlund TA, on behalf of the VSGBI Aortic Special Interest Group/ James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership. Research priorities for aortic diseases: results of the James Lind Alliance/Vascular Society GBI priority setting exercise. J.Vasc.Soc.G.B.Irel. 2022;1(2):34-41.

sIG Chairs

Colin Bicknell – Consultant Vascular Surgeon

Matt Bown – Vascular Surgeon

SIG Members

Marc Bailey – Vascular Physician
Regent Lee – Vascular Surgeon
Rao Vallabhaneni – Vascular Surgeon
Louise Allen – CND
Jason Lawson – Trainee
Roger Strachan – Patient representative

New investigators

Anna Pouncey
George Antoniou
Chris Hammond
Amy Harwood

Projects supported

  • Investigation of sex-related discrepancies in perioperative mortality & morbidity following intact Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) repair:   Are sex-specific pathways needed to provide equality in delivery of care? (WARRIORS study) – Anna Pouncey – NIHR
  • Risk factors, risk stratification and risk-specific surveillance strategies after endovascular aneurysm repair: Study protocol for a Delphi study by the International RIsk Stratification in EVAR (IRIS-EVAR) working group – George Antoniou
  • Early aortic repair in patients needing endovascular surgery for Type B aortic dissection (EARNEST study) – Colin Bicknell – Funded
  • CERAB RCT – Thanos Saratzis
  • Pre-habilitation for AAA repair (PREP-AWARE) – Amy Harwood


If you have an interest in the top 10 aortic priorities, you can contact the aortic SIG via Mr Colin Bicknell (