Amputation Special Interest Group

Top 10 research Priorities

1. How can we reduce the rates of major lower limb amputations?

2. What are the best ways to support rehabilitation following amputation?

3. How can we improve clinical outcomes for patients following major limb amputation?

4. What are the best ways to prevent or treat pain (including phantom pain) after amputation?

5. How do we improve the information provided to patients undergoing amputation?

6. In a person who has undergone a minor amputation in the foot, how are the changes of a subsequent major lower limb amputation above the ankle reduced?

7. How do you improve healing of the amputated stump?

8a. In a person who has undergone amputation, how do you reduce the chances of amputation in the other limb?

8b. How do we optimise prosthetic limb use following amputation?

8c. When is it appropriate to perform a major amputation?


The process of developing these 10 reserch priorities is outlined in an open-access peer reviewed paper published in the Journal of the Vascular Societies of Great Britain and Ireland:

Bosanquet DC, Nandhra S, Wong KHF, Long J, Chetter IC, Hinchliffe RJ on behalf of The Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland Amputation Special Interest Group James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership. Research priorities for lower limb amputation in patients with vascular disease. J.Vasc.Soc.G.B.Irel. 2021;1(1):11-14.


SIG Chairs

Robert Hinchliffe – Vascular Surgeon

David Bosanquet – Vascular Surgeon

SIG Members

A MDT team including patients, physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists (clinical and non-clinical), vascular surgeons, occupational therapists, anaesthetists, pain specialists, qualitative researchers, trainees, charity representatives.

Annie Clothier
Barrie Evans
Bernie Wilkes
Chantel Ostler
Clifton Henry
Damien Harper
Dave Buchanan
David Bradley
Eddie Bowen
Esmee Hanna
Harvey Solomons
Hayley Crane
Ian Baxter
Ian Chetter
John Horsfall
Kitty HF Wong
Lucy Wales
Michelle Stubley
Natalie Vanicek
Neil Head
Paul Stopforth
Rachael Lovegrove
Rahul Velineni
Sam Eldabe
Sandip J Nandhra
Sarah Day
Shigong Guo
Sue Ward

New investigators

Hayley Crane

Ruth Benson

Projects supported

  • Negative pressure wound therapy in amputation – Ruth Benson – NIHR RfPB – Result awaited
  • Through knee amputation RCT – Daniel Carradice – NIHR HTA – Stage 1 application submitted
  • PLACEMENT trial – David Bosanquet – NIHR HTA – In set-up


If you have an interest in the top 10 priorities for Amputation, you can contact the Amputation SIG via Mr David Bosanquet (